Tuesday, January 31, 2012

woww, blog?



first entry, huh, berpeluh... tangan terketar-ketar nak menaip.ihikss. jangan percaya.

actually, this is my second blog. i told my friend that i wanna start a new blog, and she asked me why. i said, i wanna start over a new life, turning over a new leaf, leaving the past behind, and moving forward for my bright future, insyaAllah from zero to hero, from nothing to something. cool heh?

"of course u can delete your current blog but u definitely can't erase your past, right?"

for some reason, i was speechless for a while. it is not like i couldn't answer her question, neither i didn't have anything in my mind to 'counter attack' her statement. but it is because i was somewhat agree with her. yep, definitely i wouldn't be able to erase all my past, delete all the memories and starting with zero. i couldn't possibly losing my mind today and wake up tomorrow as a different person who know nothing about yesterday. i know it.

but, at least i am trying to lessen the effect. yeah, i know everything happen for a reason and of course so does this blog. i am not the type of person who is so much affected and addicted to blogging till i need two blogs in a time. frankly speaking, i am heartbroken. better said, i was heartbroken. oh no, i think it is not really in the past mode, should i say it is still continuous...?

whatever it is, whether it is the past or the present, i am still in the healing process. u guys know right that when a heart break it doesn't break even. haha. silly joke, but absolutely true. alhamdulillah, i am not alone. there are my friends here who are really supportive. insyaAllah i will be able to survive.

thus, there is no need for further explanation i guess, u guys should understand better now right?

this blog might be really boooring and serve nothing beneficial for u readers, but i would really appreciate those who's sparing some times reading my writing. perhaps poor english huh? haha, pardon me for that. i don't use english in my class XD

tiramisu halal.


Yana Libra said...

good english u're using~~

respect la~~hehe :)

tiramisu halal said...

terase sungguh broken my english ni cik yana ;)