Tuesday, January 31, 2012

who is me?

there is times when it across my mind that i am on the wrong path right now. when that thing happened, i would tried convincing myself that i'm the one who had asked for this. for over few years before, i kept asking God for what was the best for me. every time i did my pray, i said 'if this is the best for me, make it nearer and easier, but if it is bad for me, give me a sign and break us apart. make it go further and further'.

and then finally God answered my prayer.

of course, because it is not in the way i hope it would be, i was pretty disappointed. and i kept questioning myself, is this what God really want for me? it this really my God's answers? then, He answered me again,

"Perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. and Allah knows, while you know not" [2:216]

God had answered me well. thus, why bother to feel the burden? what's the need of doubting God's answers for you? He brings u to it, He will bring u through it. so, do have some faith!
who is me to doubting Allah, right? who is me to say i am wrong while Allah says i am right? who is me to deny Allah's decision? and who is me to fight with Allah's fate?

believe in God, believe in yourself. as long as you know Allah's preference is on your left or on your right, you will never have any reason for hesitation. what you need the most for now is PATIENCE and faith.
do have faith in Allah, tiramisu!

tiramisu halal.

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